Jaques De Liancour

“Anyone can point a pistol and pull a trigger and any brute can swing a clever, but only a true artist can dance with a blade.”


Jaques father was the renowned French duelist Andre De Liancour. His mother died during his birth. In 1699, Jaques father signed on as a retainer for Charles Gerard the 2nd Earl of Macclesfield. The Earl of Macclesfield was born in France, and his family and the De Liancour family had a history with one another. Upon retainer of the Earl, Andre moved his son with him to England.

A short two years later the Earl of Macclesfield died and Andre’s retainer was inherited by Charles Mohun the 4th Baron of Muhon. Charles Muhon was a notorious gambler and lived a licentious lifestyle. He used Andre to duel lesser men who were defending the honor of their families after having been cheated or publicly humiliated by Muhon’s actions. After a decade of cutting down innocent men for Muhon, Andre realized that his only road to redemption would be through his son. He had been teaching Jaques the art of sword play since he was only 3 years old. Jaques was showing promise with the rapier, but he had to free his son from Muhon, and the certain life he would lead if he continued to be exposed to the Baron. Andre found his moment to strike in 1712.

After an inheritance dispute, Muhon challenged a rival, James Douglas the 4th Duke of Hamilton to a duel in Hyde Park. Muhon made Andre bring Jaques, who was now 16 years old, to the duel. Once at the duel Andre refused to fight for Muhon, telling him to fight for himself. James Douglas, seeing his chance attacked Muhon, wounding him, however before he could finish off the Baron, Muhon’s second, George MacCartney stepped in and killed Douglas. Andre, unable to take part in injustice yet again, ran his blade through the wounded Muhon’s heart. MacCartney drew a flintlock pistol and shot Andre in the back as he stood over Muhon. Jaques was able to get to his father and the two escaped into the park.

As Andre lay dying of his wounds he told Jaques to never serve the nobility class or evil men, but to serve those who could not protect themselves, the innocent. He gave his rapier to his son, telling him to wash away the blood of the innocence he had taken, by seeking vengeance on men like Muhon and those who served him. With his father’s rapier and coin purse, Jaques was able to make his way to the English port Plymouth. There he was able to secure passage on an English merchant vessel making a return sugar run to Jamaica.

For the past two years Jaques has slowly been making a name for himself in Port Royal and the Caribbean as a duelist. In everything he does he is guided by his father’s final words. He cannot be bought nor put on retainer; he fights battles for those who cannot fight for themselves.


Jaques De Liancour

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