Jack Pencroft


Jack Pencroft II was born in Norfolk, Viginia. His father owned Pencroft Shipyards. His mother, Eleanor, became ill and died in 1710. After Eleanor died, Jack’s father became distraught and his business suffered. The shipping industry was very competitive in Norfolk and Jack sr. was forced to close down.

Desperate for a new start and still distraught over the loss of his wife, Jack sr. took on the wild venture of relocating to Port Royal in the Caribbean with his son. His old friend John Sullivan had moved there several years before and wrote him occasionally about the business opportunities. Jack jr. continued his apprenticeship and became quite adept at building and repairing ships at the new Pencroft Shipyards in Port Royal.

The Pencrofts stayed busy and things were going quite well until that fateful day when Jack jr. found the shipyard burned to the ground, his father’s corpse among the ashes. Was it an accidental fire or did someone deliberately kill his father?


Jack Pencroft

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