Pirates of the Spanish Main: On Crimson Tide

Black Flag

Season 1: Episode 5

The Spanish Main
July, 1715

“Ship off the port side, captain!” the lookout near the top of the shroud yelled.

Everyone grew tense as the sails of a ship appeared in the northern horizon.

“She’s a two-masted ship, mon capitan,” Quartermaster De Liancourt said. He passed the spyglass to Captain Pencroft. “I cannot tell what her armaments are like, but I am sure we will discover that soon enough.”


Jebediah Cotton stood next to Captain Pencroft and peered out towards the distant ship. The ship was barely visible but was clearly heading their way.

“I suspect Baron Pettigrew sent that ship to follow the Hellstrom, captain,” Jebediah said.

Captain Pencroft kept looking through the spyglass at the other ship. “What makes you so sure of that, Mr. Cotton?”

“When a man becomes a prisoner of the Baron for over a year,” Jebediah said, “one gets to know the evil that he is. He does not trust even those he pays coins to work for him. He had the Hellstrom followed, I’m certain of it.”

Captain Pencroft returned the spyglass to his quartermaster.

“Well, whoever sent that ship,” Captain Pencroft said, “will now have to deal with the Sea Wolf and her crew.”

To be continued…

Cast & Crew: Content Not Found: jaques-de-liancour_, _Content Not Found: jack-pencroft, Lok

Supporting Cast: Virginia Cotton, Jebediah Cotton, and the crew of the Sea Wolf



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